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Mission, Vision & Value Proposition


To provide members and the data community with a professional forum that supports the adoption of data management best practices.


To be an essential and inspirational data community that provides learning and networking opportunities for business and technical professionals.

    Value Proposition

    Continuous Learning - We create forums for members to expand their knowledge and skills through online and in-person learning opportunities and supporting professional certification through the CDMP. 

    Collaboration - We commit to working together to improve the data management practice, leveraging the strengths, knowledge, skills, and perspectives of our members, partners, and chapter peers.

    Innovation - We provide means for members to explore creative and new ideas, and our programming offers the opportunity to explore the latest industry trends and technologies. 

    Mentorship and Leadership - We encourage growth through positive influence, helping members achieve their goals.

    Diversity - Our programming caters to individuals interested in data management of various professional and educational backgrounds, both beginners and experts alike. 

    Relationship Building - We create networking opportunities, allowing members to share information, increase knowledge, promote career opportunities, and strengthen the data management practice in our region. 

    Stewardship - We lead by example by treating data as an asset, handling it ethically with intention and integrity, while advocating and promoting industry best practices. 

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