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Are you interested in supporting Ottawa's local data community? Becoming a sponsor enables us to provide educational programs, certification courses, networking opportunities, guest speaker events and conferences, and much more! These activities support data professionals, both business and technical, to develop their skills and build their networks and experience. They also enhance the credibility of the data profession and availability of professional resources. As a not-for-profit organization, we are reliant on our membership and sponsorship income to support our activities. Your consideration is much appreciated. 

If you are considering becoming a National Sponsor, you can view our brochure here.

If you are considering becoming a Local Sponsor (Ottawa), see the table below for more information about the benefits we offer our sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email for more information.



$1, 500*


$2, 500*


$3, 500*


$5, 000* +

Logo recognition
Verbal recognition
Networking opportunities
Complimentary event tickets**  2 2 3
Company brochure  
Social media shout-out  
Logo on promotional materials  
Exclusive sponsorship***  
Keynote speaker opportunities  
Booth at DAMA Days Canada (Ottawa)
10% Discount 25% Discount
DAMA Days Canada - Virtual BenefitsSee brochure here.See brochure here.See brochure here.See brochure here.

* Can include dollar-value equivalents (ex. providing venue space at the expense of the sponsor), this type of arrangement must be determined in discussion with DAMA NCR).

** For DAMA NCR and DAMA Canadian Chapter events.

*** Exclusive sponsorship is provided for our annual Members' Appreciation Night.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the supporters who make the magic happen - we couldn't do it without their generosity! Thank you for all that you do to support our local data management community.





Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting our local data community!





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